Selling My House That’s Upside Down

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Selling My House That’s Upside Down

Selling my house that’s upside down means the amount I owe on my mortgage loans is higher than the current market value of the property, making it difficult to sell. It’s difficult because most homebuyers are not willing to pay more than a home is worth. And that is the source of my problem… I need a buyer who is willing to purchase my home anyway.

Traditional real estate buyers are not eager to buy houses with physical or financial issues. They want a clean house and an easy, clean transaction with no title or other issues to get in the way of a smooth closing. When a property is upside down like mine, it can be intimidating to a normal buyer and to their real estate agents.

I am looking for a homebuyer who is sophisticated and understands there is really no problem for the buyer in a purchase transaction with me. I have to bring extra money to the closing table in order to pay off the first and second mortgages on my house, and as long as I do that the buyer will take title to the real estate with no liens or mortgage notes outstanding.

We Pay Fast Buys Upside Down Houses

The professional home buyers at We Pay Fast are not intimidated by houses that are upside down. They have worked with sellers who need to sell quickly and who have the means to bring money to the closing table to complete their sale transaction.

The buyer brings funds to purchase the home and the seller brings the amount of money needed to pay off mortgage notes and liens. We Pay Fast has a legal team to handle the closing, including drafting all the legal documents needed to close and to pay off my debts, which is exactly the kind of buyer needed when selling a house that’s upside down.

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