Selling My House to Leave the Neighborhood

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Selling My House to Leave the Neighborhood

Angry crowds of protesters are gathering in many U.S. cities, so I’m selling my house to leave the neighborhood soon. As if Covid19 has not caused enough financial damage to business owners, many are now facing arson and looting. Our home is not located in a neighborhood where stores have been damaged, but the fact that it is occurring in our city is enough for us. We want to sell the house in town and move to the country.

Although most angry crowds are targeting businesses, not residences, nobody can feel safe during the violence. There is no guarantee of safety in a country home either, but it’s less likely that angry crowds will be roaming gravel, county roads. A home in the country represents safety to my family at this point.

We found a house in the country we want to buy, so all that remains is selling our current home. With the fear about Coronavirus as well as local unrest it is not a good time to list with a real estate broker. What we need is a cash buyer who is interested in our property and can close quickly with their cash.

Who Is Buying Homes Now?

It’s a crazy, confusing time for selling real estate, for the homeowners and for agents and brokers. Nobody can say for sure what will happen in any neighborhood tonight, let alone tomorrow or next week. Everything is entirely uncertain.

But there are still buyers for homes like ours. It looks like I’m selling my house to the professional home buyers at We Pay Fast because we talked on the phone and came to an agreement on a sale price. The conversation was friendly and easy. They are preparing a sales agreement for us to sign, and then our closing date will be scheduled in a week to ten days after we’ve signed the agreement.

We Pay Fast pays all the closing costs and legal fees, so the dollar amount we’ve negotiated is the same amount we’ll receive at closing. It’s a comfort to know we have a buyer now, and we will get paid fast so we can move to a home in the country right away.

Call We Pay Fast at 405-521-1807 or email to speak to the professional home buyers and get paid fast.