Selling My House To Relatives

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Selling My House to Relatives

Although I’ve been cautioned against it, selling my house to relatives is a possibility for us. During the Coronavirus pandemic we’ve participated in video chats with several family members, and my brother has often said, “If you ever decide to sell your house, let us know because we would love to buy it.”

Naturally, my brother wants to know the asking price. He may not be as serious about buying our house as he is curious about how much we think the house is worth. We aren’t comfortable talking about money with him, so we haven’t discussed an asking price. Selling my house to relatives may not be a good idea after all, especially when the relative is my brother.

Determining our sale price is based on several factors, meaning the situations going on in our lives at the moment. Health and financial concerns are our private matters. So, we haven’t shared our family issues with other people, including my brother. He has no idea what we’re dealing with, and why we might choose to find a cash buyer for a fast, easy sale transaction.

Selling to an Investor Instead

Selling to a professional real estate investor is simple and confidential. No listing appears online, in newspapers or on a local multiple listing service. Nobody knows our home is for sale because it’s not public information. This is the level of privacy we desire and selling to an investor is the only way to achieve it. One phone call or email and we can speak directly to a professional home buyer about our house for sale.

We Pay Fast is a team of investors we found online, and plan to call at 405-521-1807 or email at They offer personal service on the phone with sellers all over the country. If they decide to purchase our home, We Pay Fast covers all the closing costs and legal fees, so there’s no charge to us as sellers at all. The price they offer us is the price we receive at closing in a week to ten days from the date we sign a purchase agreement.