Selling My House With a Bad Title

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Selling My House with a Bad Title

As if the global virus pandemic isn’t enough to bring us all to a halt, it’s happening at the same time I’m selling my house with a bad title. Well, I’m trying to sell my house, but the real estate business is suffering because buyers are afraid to go into other people’s homes now. There’s a stay-at-home order in most states, so it’s a hard time to sell a house.

Selling a house with title issues is a challenge in a normal real estate market, but today’s market is anything but normal.  Dependinselling g on the particular title issues, they can cause delays in closing a sale, primarily due to the additional legal work required.

Under the present circumstances, I need to find an experienced real estate investor who is familiar with title issues. Investors buy and sell houses as a business, so they are familiar with title issues of various kinds. Working with lawyers and title companies to correct title defects, so that a property can be sold with a clear title, is not a problem for an experienced investor.

Examples of Title Issues

Mortgages, mechanic’s liens, and tax liens are examples of title issues. A mortgage doesn’t create a bad title because most homeowners have mortgages, and they paid off at closing. But liens by contractors or government entities, as well as lack of all signatures required to pass clear title, are some issues that might create a “bad title.”

Trained title examiners find these issues and then lawyers can get the necessary paperwork done to solve the issues. A bad title can become a clean or good title, but it takes some time and money spent on legal work. A willing investor can easily move ahead and clean up the title on my home when we agree on a sale price.

The We Pay Fast team of real estate investors buys some homes with title issues. Call 405-521-1807 or email to speak to them. Not only are they experienced with cleaning up bad titles, but they pay all closing costs and close quickly, which sounds good to me right now. I’m selling my house with a bad title to We Pay Fast.