Selling My House With No Home Office

selling my house fast

Selling My House with No Home Office

Since working from home during the Covid19 pandemic I’m selling my house with no home office. It wasn’t a problem before my whole family was confined to the house over the last couple months. We all had our own schedules and there was plenty of room for our family.

But the Coronavirus pandemic changed our routines. Two adults working from home and three children attending classes on Zoom and doing homework online has made it difficult to navigate our schedules around each other in this house with no home office. That’s why I need to sell it quickly and get another place to live.

Going forward into the summer of 2020 the kids may be indoors more this year than during a typical summer. Nobody knows what to expect as the country starts to open up, but there is no doubt about one thing – it’s likely to be crowded indoors.

Needing a Quick Home Sale

Our family is definitely not the only one needing a quick home sale. Real estate agents are getting calls from homeowners who need to list and sell their homes for similar reasons, and houses with office space available will be in high demand.

I want to sell my home quickly and easily, without getting lost in the crowd on the multiple listing service. I want to bypass real estate agents and all the traditional steps of the home sale process: listing, marketing, showing, selling and closing. My goal is to contact a professional home buyer directly, have a discussion, come to an agreement on the sale price and close the sale immediately.

Fortunately, I can call We Pay Fast at 405-521-1807 or email them at to speak to a professional home buyer. Their team has many years of experience buying and selling homes directly from homeowners like me.

If We Pay Fast decides to buy my house, they cover all costs of document preparation and closing. The price We Pay Fast investors quote me over the phone and agree to in writing is the dollar amount I receive at closing, which can be scheduled in as little as a week to ten days from our agreement. I look forward to selling my house with no home office to the investors at We Pay Fast.