Selling My Inherited Property

Selling My Inherited Property

Selling My Inherited Property

Due to pressure from family members, I’m selling my inherited property. It is a lake house, and several family members have enjoyed visiting it over the years. When both my parents were gone, I inherited the lake house and other family members were not happy about it.

My parents were very generous about allowing their nieces and nephews with children to use the lake house regularly. Apparently, those people do not think I am as generous as my parents were. They are hounding me about selling them part ownership so they can continue to use it.

Why would I make any effort to sell my inherited property to relatives who are already creating problems? My wife and I have made the decision to sell because it will end the fight. But it will only end the fight if we sell our lake property quietly on our own, without letting our family members know.

Selling Our Problem Property to We Pay Fast

The professional property buyers at We Pay Fast are in the business of paying cash to sellers who choose to sell confidentially, without listing it on the local real estate market. They purchase houses, condos, apartments, and other commercial property directly from sellers in every state. Sometimes they find tenants for the property they purchase, and sometimes they resell it.

We can call 1-800-WePayFast (1-800-937-2932) or email to speak to a property buyer about our lake house for sale. They may decide to purchase it from us for cash and then turn around and offer it for sale to our family members. They won’t be obligated to purchase it of course, but at least they will have a chance to do so.

The We Pay Fast team is professional, and they will make the best decision about how to resell our property after closing on it. They pay cash and close fast, in as little as a week to ten days after signing sale documents. And they also pay all the closing costs.

Selling my inherited property to We Pay Fast will be smooth and easy, unlike selling to our relatives.