Selling My Property or Abandoning It

Selling My Property or Abandoning It

Whether I’m selling my property or abandoning it is the issue that’s keeping me awake at night. Times have been tough and there’s no way I can maintain and insure it, as well as pay the property taxes. The cost of property maintenance has increased dramatically, especially in this period of rampant inflation. And the same is true of insurance on the property, especially because it is vacant. Vacant homes and commercial properties are all difficult and expensive to insure now.

The combination of personal financial problems and global inflation is causing me to look at my options. Right now the only options I see are selling my property or walking away from it. A friend who works as a legal assistant told me that abandoning a property is much more complex than it may seem. When we say, “walking away from it,” most of us think our troubles are over, right? Well, with real estate ownership it is not that simple. Abandoning real estate is nothing like abandoning a vehicle.

If I choose to sell, I need a fast, cash sale. There’s no time to wait weeks or months for a motivated, qualified buyer to make an offer and close a transaction a few weeks later. I need a buyer now.

Selling My Property to We Pay Fast

The professional buyers at We Pay Fast pay cash and close fast. They have the ability to close most of their transactions within a week to ten days from signatures on a purchase agreement. They are easy to reach by calling 1-800-WePayFast (1-800-937-2932) and easy to talk to on the phone when they give you a call back.

I have spoken to a We Pay Fast buyer and received an offer over the phone. We agreed on a purchase price and they sent me sale documents by email. Right now I am still weighing the consequences of selling vs. abandoning the property. Perhaps it has become a habit because my dilemma has been going on for so long.

The truth is this – there is no contest between selling my property or abandoning it. Selling it next week to the professional team at We Pay Fast is my obvious choice. They pay the closing costs and legal fees, and provide me with a check for my equity at closing. My dilemma is over by calling 1-800-WePayFast (1-800-937-2932) and selling to We Pay Fast.