Selling My Property This Fall

Selling My Property

Selling My Property This Fall

After a lingering pandemic and personal travel have caused delays, I am selling my property this fall. It seemed appropriate to wait for the best time to sell, even though there is never a perfect time. No one truly knows the future, but it is not hard to see that interest rates are on the rise. That fact makes it easy to predict there will be fewer buyers in the marketplace.

Real estate agents have even told me, “You missed your window of opportunity during the last two years of low interest rates and high buyer motivation.” Maybe they are right, but that doom and gloom prediction has no bearing on my choice to sell this fall. This is the right time for me, not necessarily when the marketplace is booming.

One factor real estate agents tend to overlook is buyer financing. They are thinking about it, but they do not often mention it to buyers because they want to present any and all offers to their listing clients. My perspective is this – I do not want to get caught up with enthusiastic but unqualified buyers. That situation can lead to long delays for financing approval and even to failed closings.

We Pay Fast Pays Cash for Real Estate

The professional homebuyers at We Pay Fast are equipped to purchase homes directly from the homeowners. They pay cash and close fast on all their transactions. No real estate commissions or mortgage loan applications are involved when selling a house to We Pay Fast. This is the kind of buyer I have been waiting for!

We Pay Fast can be reached by calling 1-800-WePayFast (1-800-937-2932) or emailing A team member will call back within 24 hours to discuss the property for sale. And if interested, the We Pay Fast buyer is authorized to make an offer over the phone. A property owner could make one phone call or send one email and receive an offer from a qualified buyer within 24 hours!

I’m calling 1-800-WePayFast (1-800-937-2932) with the hope of selling my property this fall to We Pay Fast. I want to close fast for cash, which is exactly how We Pay Fast conducts business. They may be my ideal buyers now.