Selling My Rental House For Fast Cash

Selling My Rental House For Fast Cash

Selling My Rental House For Fast Cash

When I decide I’m selling my rental house for fast cash I must find a cash buyer for it. Finding a cash buyer for an empty house is one thing but selling a rental house with tenants is another thing. Tenants have the right to continue living in their home when they have a lease, and their monthly payments are current as well.

A seller/landlord may find a buyer and sell the rental house, but the tenants do not have to move out unless they make a choice to do so. And their monthly rent will not increase simply because a new buyer/landlord would like to collect more rent. The tenants have a legal right to the terms of their existing lease for the entire time period it covers. Tenants have a right to stay in the property until their lease expires.

Cash homebuyers are usually looking for vacant homes. They may plan to remodel and resell a property, or they may plan to lease it. If they are looking for rental property, a real estate investor is likely to purchase my rental house for fast cash and collect rent from the tenants until their lease expires. Then the new owner will proceed with the remodeling and reselling or upgrading the property to lease it to tenants again for a higher monthly rent.

Selling My Rental House To We Pay Fast

My tenants have nine months left on their existing lease. I need to sell my property now for fast cash, while the tenants are living in the house. I have no intention of asking them to move out as a favor to me because that would not be fair to them.

However, selling my rental house for fast cash to We Pay Fast would solve my needs as well as the needs of my tenants. We Pay Fast is a team of real estate investors who are equipped to close on rental properties, quickly and easily, while letting the tenants remain in their home for the duration of their lease term.

I am calling 1-800-WePayFast (1-800-937-2932) or emailing to sell my rental house for fast cash to We Pay Fast.