Selling My Rental Property For Cash

Selling My Rental Property

Selling My Rental Property For Cash

I am selling my rental property for cash because the CDC extended the ban on evictions for another month. There are a lot of questions a landlord could be asking about how the Centers For Disease Control has the power to give tenants the right to live rent free. Essentially, that is what it has done, and what it continues to do by extending the ban on evictions yet again.

Thousands of small, mom & pop real estate investors like me, with one or maybe a handful of rental properties, suffer dramatically when tenants do not pay rent for months on end. It has been over a year since some tenants have paid because they knew they could not legally be evicted by their landlord for non-payment of rent.

Investors have mortgage payments, property taxes and property insurance payments to make, regardless of whether their tenants are paying rent or not. There is no federal moratorium on a landlord’s obligations to pay for their properties, and to pay the expenses on them.

Since I am investor myself, I know how the business of real estate works. Other investors have sufficient cash on hand to pay me for my rental property now, and to close a sale fast. I have contacted the experienced investors at We Pay Fast and talked to them about my rental house for sale.

We Pay Fast Buys Rental Properties For Cash

We Pay Fast pays cash and closes fast, which is what I desire. As the new owners of the rental property, We Pay Fast will have a fresh start with the tenants living there. The tenants are legally allowed to stay in the house on a month-to-month basis, which means as soon as the ban on evictions is lifted, they will have to pay rent immediately or move out.

My goal is to get my equity out of the property quickly and to avoid making mortgage, tax and insurance payments on it. We Pay Fast is well-equipped to buy my rental property for cash, and to close our transaction within a week to ten days from our signatures on the purchase agreement.

I am selling my rental property for cash to We Pay Fast. Contact We Pay Fast at 405-521-1807 or email