Selling My Retail Store Fast

Selling My Retail Store Fast

Selling My Retail Store Fast

I’m selling my retail store fast to the team at We Pay Fast. I am so thrilled to be working with professional buyers with the resources to pay cash and the systems to close fast. They are set up to work with motivated sellers of residential and commercial properties in cities all over the country.

The reason I’m thrilled is because we have an opportunity to travel and live in other countries for a while. If there is one thing I want to avoid it is owning real estate and trying to manage it as a landlord while living thousands of miles away. Currently, we have excellent tenants. Being a landlord has been easy with these tenants, but they are not in a position to purchase the building from us.

Once we understood our tenants could not purchase the building we began to look for a fast, cash buyer. Fortunately, we found the commercial real estate buyers at We Pay Fast within a few days. And a few hours after we called 1-800-WePayFast (1-800-937-2932) a We Pay Fast team member with the authority to make offers over the phone gave us a call.

We Pay Fast Buys Commercial Buildings

The professional team and the business model at We Pay Fast is ideal for us right now. They have years of experience and all the documents and contacts needed to help sellers who need to liquidate their real estate in a fast, cash sale. There is no way we could work with a commercial real estate broker and get the same outcome. Most brokers work with buyers who must obtain mortgage financing, making the whole process much longer and less certain.

Working with We Pay fast is quick and easy. We know exactly how much to expect at our closing in two weeks, and we know there will be no closing costs on our side of the settlement statement. We Pay Fast picks up all the closing costs and legal fees, which is another benefit for us.

I’m selling my retail store building fast to We Pay Fast. Closing our commercial real estate sale in just over two weeks is making our dreams come true, our traveling and living abroad.