Selling My Vacation Home For Cash

Selling My Vacation Home For Cash

Selling My Vacation Home For Cash

Big changes in my life have made it very obvious I’ll be selling my vacation home for cash. It was not something I wanted or planned to do. But life has a way of throwing us curve balls once in a while, and I have been dealing with more than one of those lately.

Financial reasons led me to research property buyers who pay cash and close fast. I was happy to find the professional team at We Pay Fast because they have many years of experience buying vacation homes and other residential and commercial properties. We Pay Fast works directly with sellers, making offers over the phone and sending documents by email. It’s quick and easy when they are interested in your property for sale.

Although I could use a management company to rent out my vacation home as a short-term rental, that idea would not produce the cash I need now or eliminate the monthly and annual expenses of property ownership. I need a buyer who can pay cash and close fast, and it looks like I may have found them.

We Pay Fast Buys Vacation Homes

I have made my decision. The high cost of property management if I keep my vacation property as a rental and my personal need for quick cash motivated me to email about selling it. A We Pay Fast investor called me back within 24 hours and we talked about my vacation home. It is vacant and ready to sell.

We Pay Fast made me an offer over the phone and followed up with documents for me to sign by email. The whole process has been smooth and easy so far. I’m looking forward to the closing which is scheduled for next week. That’s fast!

I’m selling my vacation home for cash to We Pay Fast. Calling 1-800-WePayFast (1-800-937-2932), emailing, or completing the contact form on all put you in touch with the professional team of investors at We Pay Fast.