Selling My Warehouse Without A Broker

Selling My Warehouse

Selling My Warehouse Without A Broker

I’m selling my warehouse without a broker, to save time and money. I don’t have the time or the patience to list it with a broker who will arrange showings in hopes of attracting a qualified, interested commercial real estate buyer. For warehouse sellers, the process of listing and selling with a broker is often seems frustratingly slow.

In my personal life, I have listed with real estate agents to buy and sell my residences. The process has worked out for me several times. But selling my warehouse is different. Owning commercial real estate is not the same as owning the property where you are living. Commercial property is used for the owner’s own business, or it is leased to others for their business purposes.

The common factor is that it is for business, not for personal enjoyment. I used my warehouse for many years for my own business, and now I must lease it to another business or sell it. After considerable thought, I’ve decided to sell it myself, without using the services of a commercial broker.

Sell A Warehouse To We Pay Fast

Selling my warehouse “by owner,” could take as much time and patience as listing with a commercial broker. In fact, it could take a lot more of my time to post photos, handle questions, and conduct showings. I am too busy for all those activities. My preference would be to contact a professional buyer and sell my warehouse for fast cash.

We Pay Fast is a company that pays cash directly to sellers. They purchase property in every state, and they have a history of closing their purchase transactions quickly, within as little as two weeks from signatures on a purchase agreement.  

I plan to call 1-800-WePayFast (1-800-937-2932) or email and speak to one of their professional investors about my warehouse for sale. Working with We Pay Fast is one way to sell my warehouse without a broker.