Selling Our House For Emergency Rehab

Selling Our House For Emergency Rehab

Selling Our House For Emergency Rehab

What a quick decision! We are selling our house to move into an emergency rehab facility now. My husband and I are recovering from injuries suffered in a common accident, and we have no idea how long the rehabilitation process will take. When it is complete, we will be moving in with other relatives, at least for a while.

Selling our house quickly and easily is the top item on our to-do list. Receiving top dollar for our home at the closing table is not our priority, as it is for many homeowners. Our priority is getting into rehab as soon as possible with no further responsibility for a house and yard to maintain. Housework and yardwork chores have become difficult or impossible for us.

We have been advised to consider selling our house to We Pay Fast, a team of professional investors who help people in situations like ours. They pay cash and close fast, often in less than two weeks.

Sell To We Pay Fast For Any Reason

The experienced homebuyers at We Pay Fast consider homes in most major cities across the U.S. They are a team of investors and document-prep providers with the ability to close on their transactions within a week to ten days after an offer is made and a

When we call 1-800-WePayFast (1-800-937-2932) or email we will receive a phone call back within 24 hours. Explaining our situation and our needs will not take long, and the We Pay Fast investors are authorized to make offers over the phone if they are interested in our house. Talking to them is easy and moving through the process of closing the sale is easy, too.

We Pay Fast picks up all the closing costs and legal fees, which means we will know exactly what to expect when they make us an offer to buy. Calling 1-800-WePayFast (1-800-937-2932) to sell our house for emergency rehab would be an ideal solution for us.