Selling Property For Fast Cash

Selling Property for Fast Cash


Selling Property for Fast Cash

You may be interested in selling property for fast cash now. If that describes your situation, there are a few things to consider before making a commitment to sell. The first thing on the list is finding a quality buyer, with the means and the systems to give you the best experience as a seller.

Working with a real estate agent will not guarantee a cash sale when your property is listed on the local multiple listing service. Agents cannot exclude traditional buyers who intend to borrow their purchase money from a mortgage lender, even if that is your preference as a seller. All buyers must have equal access to your property when it is listed publicly.

Post your property on and other online pages is another option. But, once again, you cannot advertise for a cash buyer only. Anyone who sees your posting must have equal access to buy it, within reason. You are not obligated to show your property to everyone who contacts you about it, but you cannot restrict showings to cash buyers only.

We Pay Fast Pays Cash for Property

The professional homebuyers at We Pay Fast are easy to contact and easy to talk to. They are real people with real-life experience purchasing homes for cash, directly from sellers. You can get in touch with We Pay Fast by phone at 405-521-1807 or by email at [email protected] to speak to them about your property for sale.

Leaving a phone message or sending an email means you will get a phone call in reply within 24 hours. Then you and the investor who calls you will discuss your property and, if it meets their criteria, the investor will make you an offer over the phone. If you accept the offer you will get an email with a purchase agreement with the purchase price, the closing date and all important details included.

We Pay Fast provides the sale documents at no cost to you and pays all title fees and closing costs as well. You can be assured that the price you are offered on the phone is the amount you will receive at closing within a week to ten days when you are selling for fast cash to We Pay Fast.