Selling Property To Relatives Is Awkward

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Selling Property To Relatives Is Awkward

Selling property to relatives is awkward because negotiating with relatives can have long-lasting consequences. Whether the property is a vehicle, a boat, a house, a building, or a vacant lot, it’s always awkward in one way or another.

The first thing a relative wants to know the asking price. That’s logical, of course. But what is not entirely logical is any assumption that a relative should get a better price than an “outsider.” In the process of talking to relatives about my parcel of real estate for sale I have heard people who are not our relatives referred to as “outsiders.” That seemed strange to me.

Not only is it awkward to discuss the sale price of my property with relatives, but it is often the reactions of other relatives that becomes awkward as well. Everybody has their own opinion about the right thing to do… No matter what I decide, if it involves selling property to family it starts out awkward and tends to get worse from there.

Sell Property To We Pay Fast Instead

Selling my property to an “outsider” may be a better solution for me. Especially if I sell quickly and easily to the professional buyers at We Pay Fast. I have spoken to them on the phone, and they are looking at the financials I provided by email. Since commercial property valuation is partially determined by income and expense data, it makes sense they want to review it. We have set a time to talk tomorrow.

We Pay Fast is an experienced team of investors I found online, called, and left a voice message. They called me back the following morning. Everything is smooth and easy so far working with We Pay Fast. If they decide to purchase my property none of the awkward family issues will occur. That is such a relief!

Yes, I may hear some complaints about selling to We Pay Fast instead of family, but that’s a risk I am willing to take. I called 1-800-WePayFast (1-800-937-2932) and now I’m looking forward to agreeing on a purchase price and setting a closing date, which may be scheduled in less than two weeks.

I’d much rather sell to We Pay Fast because selling my property to relatives is awkward.