Selling Your Short Term Rental House For Cash

Selling Your Short Term Rental House For Cash

If you have been enjoying income from Airbnb, VRBO, or similar websites, you may be thinking about selling your short term rental house. One reason you might consider selling now is due to complaints to city governments.

Short-term rental houses have become increasingly popular, and neighbors have started to complain to city authorities in the resort areas and larger cities where most short-term rentals are located. Overnight and weekly guests who do not own the rental house rarely care if the traffic and the noise they create is bothering other homeowners in the area.

Like renting a motel room, short-term guests are primarily focused on their own activities and they have little, if any, concern for others. Hotels and motels are in business to accommodate short-term guests. The neighborhood where your rental house is located does not have the same mentality.

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Some authorities are imposing rules and fees on the owners of short-term rental property, and many are requiring landlords to obtain permits with annual fees. Cities, unincorporated resort areas, and homeowners’ associations are starting to crack down on behalf of the complaining property owners.

If requirements for landlords are changing in your local area and you want to sell your short-term rental house for cash, the experienced buyers at We Pay Fast want to speak with you. They are professional real estate investors with the cash and the administrative team to close your sale transaction fast, within a week to ten days. They provide the sale and closing documents and arrange all the title work at their own expense. Sellers pay no closing costs to sell their property to We Pay Fast.

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