Should I Remodel to Sell My Home?

need to sell my home fast

Should I Remodel to Sell My Home?

I am not experienced in home construction or remodeling. Should I remodel to sell my home? I’m getting conflicting opinions from friends and family in response to this question. Do-it-yourself homeowners try to encourage me to dive right into a remodeling project because it seems so easy for them. But I’m not so sure about it.

Besides doubting my skill level and taking note of my general lack of enthusiasm about starting a remodeling project, there’s the financial investment to consider. Buying lumber, lighting fixtures, new flooring and countertops can add up to a very pricey project. And that’s just for the kitchen. Both my bathrooms need updating, too.

The way I see it, any attempt I make to do remodeling work myself will delay the home sale for many weeks, if not months. That’s the time factor. And the building materials are the cost factor. The kitchen project estimate is $3500, which is more than I want to spend right now.


Besides the cost of materials, paying for labor to remodel kitchens and bathrooms can double or triple the total cost. It would not be unusual for a  bathroom remodel to run $10,000 or a kitchen remodel to run $30,000. Those are typical costs.

So, that’s why many homeowners become do-it-yourselfers, even if they weren’t too handy before buying a house. Or, they prevail on friends or family members with remodeling skills to come over and help get the job done.

I see the benefits to remodeling if an owner is going to stay in the house and enjoy their investment and/or their own hard work. But I’m not going to stay in my house. The way I see it, there’s no real benefit to me. I’m not going to remodel to sell my home.


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