Should I Sell My Home or Abandon It?

sell my home

Should I Sell My Home or Abandon It?

It has come to this – I am wondering if I should sell my home or abandon it. Because I have been considering both options for a while, things are becoming clear for me. During the early months of the Coronavirus pandemic I was completely stuck, having no idea what to do. Being on lockdown in our homes meant we were not supposed to go out and socialize with others or invite people into our homes.

Finally, after a year, I can see that simply walking away from the property, abandoning the house and the owner’s responsibilities associated with it, will not be necessary. Once I discovered the We Pay Fast investors I could see another way for me to sell my home quickly and easily for cash.

I was dreading the thought of calling a lawyer to talk about abandoning my home, and it is a big relief to know that I can call We Pay Fast instead, to talk about selling my house instead of abandoning it. A home sale is a much better option, legally and financially, so that is why I am planning to pursue it.

I May Sell My Home to We Pay Fast

Calling We Pay Fast at 405-521-1807 or emailing them at is the best way for me to speak to one of their professional homebuyers. Once we talk about my house and discuss the detailed improvements it may require, they will know if my property will work for their investment portfolio or not.

If they choose to purchase my home, We Pay Fast provides all the paperwork and arranges for all the legal work required to close the sale. They pay all closing costs, so I know how much cash I will receive at closing. I will receive the purchase price we agreed upon before signing documents, minus any outstanding mortgage debt I owe on the property.

I have decided to sell my home and not abandon it, and I am looking forward to calling We Pay Fast at 405-521-1807 now.