Should I Sell My Home or Lease It?

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Should I Sell My Home or Lease It?

I get a lot of conflicting advice when asking real estate professionals this question – “Should I sell my home or lease it?” Of course, friends and family members all have their own opinions, too. Collecting other peoples’ opinions can be very confusing!

The people I’ve talked to fall into one of two categories. First, there are people who have experience with rental houses, meaning they have been landlords and they have had tenants. And in the other category are all the people who have opinions based on things they have heard or read, not based on personal experience.

Understanding the responsibilities and obligations of a landlord is completely different than experiencing them. It’s much easier to talk about collecting rent from a difficult tenant than to deal with the tenant and collect their rent in person, or by court order.


Most of the real estate industry professionals I talked to said that you cannot judge people by their behavior when you show them your house for rent. They said that everyone is going to be on their best behavior, saying and doing all the right things to make a good impression. In general, people will seem to be very polite and cooperative and lead you to believe they will be great tenants.

But without a background check and credit check you can find yourself in big trouble. The people you thought were going to work out well by paying their rent on time and showing respect to you and your home may turn out to be just the opposite.

Once there are tenants living in the house it’s still a challenge to make sure they are not damaging the property. Many tenants are thoughtless with rental property. Since the maintenance and repairs are not at their own expense, they simply do not care about causing damage.


Even though I could hire a property manager to take care of my rental property tasks, their management fees would come out of my monthly rental income and reduce the cash I have for paying taxes and insurance.

So, I am choosing to sell my home instead of leasing it. And I’m calling the professional home buyers at We Pay Fast to get an offer on it right away. They pay all the expenses and schedule closing within a week to ten days. Call We Pay Fast at 405-521-1807 or email to speak to a team member personally.