Should I Sell My Home or Pay Back Taxes?

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Should I Sell My Home or Pay Back Taxes?

Since I am late paying the property taxes now, maybe I should sell my home instead. That might sound like a rash decision. For me, it’s one more reason to sell a house I can no longer afford to keep. If I had the money to pay my property taxes, they would not be delinquent. Selling my home is the best solution for me in the upside-down economy following the Coronavirus pandemic and the racially motivated rioting around the country.

There are no easy answers to the health crisis or the strained race relations that are devastating in many cities. But there may be an easy answer to the question I’ve been considering for a few months – should I sell my home or pay my back taxes? The simple answer is “Sell.” However, it gets more complicated when I consider the next, logical question, “How will I find a buyer as fast as possible?”

I’ve been thinking about my situation for months, ever since my property taxes were due and I couldn’t pay them. So, I’ve had time to shop around the web to research professional homebuyers, and I began to understand that real estate investors who buy houses to resell may be interested in my home now.

We Pay Fast Is Buying Homes Now

We Pay Fast is a team of professional homebuyers who consider at consider homes for sale all over the country. They can be reached by phone at 405-521-1807 and by email at If you leave a message you’ll get a call back within 24 hours from a buyer with the authority to make decisions.

In my case, one of the decisions any homebuyer considering my home will need to make is whether they are willing to take the extra step to pay the back taxes prior to closing. The amount paid for back taxes will be part of the purchase price of the house.

We Pay Fast will pay back taxes on homes they are buying when it has been negotiated as part of the sale price. They are experienced in buying houses with issues like mine.