Should I Sell My House As-Is Now?

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Should I Sell My House As-Is Now?

I’m losing sleep over whether I should sell my house as-is now. It remains a chaotic time for real estate sales during this transition period the national news calls “opening up.” As though our country didn’t have enough conflict, now there are factions forming about whether it’s safe to leave home without wearing a mask, especially when entering government and medical offices and retail businesses.

All the protests and conflict are distracting to homebuyers looking for a house. Real estate agents advise sellers to have their house looking fresh and presentable, with all repairs and remodeling complete. While that is a good idea, it is simply not possible for some of us right now.

Without a fulltime job, I cannot get a home equity loan to cover the cost of materials needed to repair and remodel my home, and I certainly cannot afford to pay a contractor to do the work for me. The Covid19 economic crisis has forced me to sell my house, but I don’t have the means to fix it up before selling. That’s why I am losing sleep over what to do now.

Selling to a Professional Homebuyer

I heard good things about We Pay Fast, a team of professional homebuyers who buy homes in cities all over the country, even during the pandemic. They are real estate investors with the resources and skills to make repairs and do the remodeling some homes require. I am not the only seller who is stuck in the economic squeeze affecting our country.

We Pay Fast is set up to make offers to sellers on the phone, and then follow up with the paperwork by email. They provide all the paperwork for the offer and acceptance at the beginning of the transaction, as well as the closing documents. No closing costs are charged to the seller, so the amount We Pay Fast offers a seller is the amount of the proceeds check that seller will receive within a week to ten days after the accepted offer is signed.

Call We Pay Fast at 405-521-1807 or email and speak to a professional homebuyer. It’s the best solution for me to sell my house as-is now.