Should I Sell My House by Online Quote

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Should I Sell My House by Online Quote?

I am wondering how it works and whether it’s a good idea for me. Should I sell my house by online quote on a website?  Will I speak with anyone by phone, or is it all by text and email? This business model seems strange to me, but I am investigating it.

How can people who have never looked at my house in person, or even seen photos of it, make an offer to buy it? That’s how one online company works, according to their website. I want to know if they will ever speak to me personally.

I notice that a local home inspector will come to my house if the online company and I arrive at a purchase price. That’s one real person involved in the sale, but it’s not the buyer, it’s an inspector working for the buyer.

Another website promises to get me three cash offers in thirty minutes. Is that possible? I doubt it.

Contacting Online, Meeting by Phone

The more I think about it, the more I understand what feels right to me. Most of us are familiar with contacting companies online. That’s become a normal business practice. After an initial contact by filling out a form or participating in an instant chat feature, I prefer to communicate by phone.

Fortunately, I have all those options available to sell my home. offers both an online contact form and an instant chat feature. After using either option I’ll receive a call from a professional home buyer. That sounds good to me. I want to speak to a real person about selling my house.

We Pay Fast pays cash within a week or ten days, if the buyer chooses to make me an offer and I accept it. Once we establish the purchase price, that is the amount of money I will receive at closing. Unlike traditional closings, I will not pay a real estate commission, legal fees or other charges. We Pay Fast pays all costs and simply pays cash to the seller. That sounds good to me, too. Sell my house for cash fast

Call We Pay Fast at 405-521-1807 or email to speak to a professional buyer, rather than taking a chance selling by online quote.