Should I Sell My House in Dallas Now?

Need to Sell A House

Should I Sell My House in Dallas Now?

With the world spinning out of control in Coronavirus chaos, I wonder if I should sell my house in Dallas now? Should I get out from under my remaining monthly payments, as well as property taxes, homeowners’ insurance, repairs and maintenance? It’s not an easy decision.

Obviously, whenever I sell my house, I’ll have to move someplace else. Knowing where I want to settle down next is one issue but jumping into the housing market at such a chaotic time is the biggest issue for me. Are there still home buyers looking for houses now? Will my listing be seen by any buyers at all?

Getting involved with a listing agent by asking these questions means I may feel obligated to list with her, and I don’t want that obligation right now. It’s good to remain flexible and consider all my options in unprecedented economic times like these.

Dallas Real Estate Market News

What I hear on the local Dallas news is that real estate sales are not yet suffering during this pandemic. People are still going out and looking at homes for sale and making big financial investments they may later regret. It’s no secret that the primary wage-earner in a family could lose their job overnight. What will happen to people who purchase homes and then their lives change, and they cannot afford to make the mortgage payments?

I could look at the active Dallas real estate market and take my chances it will continue. Or, I could get out now, while there’s still time. Right now, I’m leaning toward getting out.

We Pay Fast is a team of real estate professional buyers who are looking for homes to buy in Dallas now. They have been in business for decades, so they are well-equipped to close quickly on transactions when they are interested and make an offer on a home. Apparently, they can close in a week to ten days if that time frame works for the seller.

I’m calling We Pay Fast at 405-521-1807 to see if they’ll make an offer on my house. Their email is, if I want to email them to get a call back within 24 hours. I’ve decided I should sell my house in Dallas now.