Should I Sell My House Online?

Sell My House Online

Should I Sell My House Online?

Times have changed in the real estate business, and many people have questions about the best way to sell their home. For example, “Should I sell my house online or should I list it with a real estate agent?” That’s a common question asked by Millennials who are comfortable with the idea of listing their home without an agent involved.

But, while younger homeowners may be comfortable with selling online, there are many different options now and it is often confusing, especially for Baby Boomers and their children. Homeowners who have used the services of real estate agents they knew in person, who listed their home on the local multiple listing service for local showings are not as familiar with online listing platforms.

In fact, those older homeowners usually prefer to have an agent involved in the sale transaction because they simply don’t want to be personally involved. They don’t want to show their home in person or negotiate directly with buyers. Those tasks have traditionally been handled by agents who were working for the seller, even though they may have shown the home to the buyer as well.

Who Buys Homes for Sale Online?

There are two basic types of buyers you may encounter when you sell your house online. The first type is an individual or small company that buys homes, condos, apartment buildings and even commercial buildings to resell for a profit or lease to tenants. These are real estate investors and you will most likely have direct access to a them on the phone, by text and by email.

The other type of online home buyer is a huge, commercial business that buys property to list and resell along with many other homes for sale. This business model is relatively new, but it’s growing in popularity. You may or may not speak with an actual person about an offer on your house for sale after filling out a detailed form and submitting it online. It’s a more impersonal experience, but it may be appropriate for some sellers.

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Once you talk to us, you will stop wondering, “Should I sell my house online?”