Should I Sell My House or Abandon It?

want to sell my house quickly

Should I Sell My House or Abandon It?

Although I am tempted to leave it, I’m still thinking about whether I should sell my house or abandon it. Packing up my belongings and driving away will not solve the legal and financial issues plaguing me as a property owner during the Covid19 pandemic. Many other people around the world are facing legal and financial issues with their homes, too.

When a parcel of real estate changes hands in a sale transaction, past issues are either dealt with at closing and come to an end, attach to the property and become the problem of a new owner or they follow the former owner. I’m not eager for liens on my property to become a burden for the new owner or remain a burden for me. That means the best scenario would be to negotiate and pay off the liens as part closing a sale.

Simply abandoning my house seems like it would be so easy, but that choice has consequences for me and for other people. The more I think about it, the more I realize I just need to find a buyer and sell my house soon.

Finding a Home Buyer Immediately

To sell my house quickly I will need to find a buyer on my own. There’s no time to list with a real estate agent and wait for a traditional buyer to make an offer and go through the financing approval process. I understand that getting and offer and waiting for buyer financing can take more than a month. Maybe most sellers have that much time to wait, but I do not.

The home buyers at We Pay Fast respond quickly and often close transactions within a week to ten days after signing a purchase agreement. They pick up all the closing costs and legal fees, too. I can call We Pay Fast at 405-521-1807 or email and speak to a professional buyer in the next day or so.

Calling We Pay Fast is the best way to go about finding a home buyer quickly and easily, and it’s also the best way to give up wondering if I should sell my house or abandon it.