Should You Sell Your Home to Millennials?

Should You Sell Your Home to Millennials?

Wondering if you should sell you home to millennials? That question might sound odd, but the younger age group often chooses a property for different reasons than their parents or grandparents had for purchasing a home. Marketing studies have shown that millennial homebuyers are looking for a home where they can be comfortable, and not a home that will make a big impression on friends, family, and neighbors. They are usually looking for comfort, ease, and move-in-ready condition.

In other words, if your home needs updating or repairs, you are probably not going to attract an offer from millennial buyers. In addition, younger buyers often prefer large, open spaces that can be used for different activities, such as entertaining or group gatherings.

Finally, millennials often work at home now, so the option to use a bedroom, attic or lower level space for an office is an important consideration, too.

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