Some House Selling Companies Come and Go

House Selling Companies

Some House Selling Companies Come and Go

It seems like some house selling companies come and go frequently. I see billboards and bandit signs along the road, and if I pick up a newsprint shopper, there might be classified ads that read, “I Buy Houses.” But I have no idea if these homebuying companies will be around when I am ready to sell my house.

Professional homebuyers are also known as real estate investors. They purchase houses directly from the owners, meaning no real estate agent is needed and no commission is paid. House selling companies may be one person working on their own, a couple or a partnership, a small company, or a nationwide chain with franchisees in many major cities. Real estate investors come in many forms.

All these types of house selling companies tend to come and go regularly. An individual investor may have a big remodeling project taking time and cash resources, so during the project he or she is not advertising or purchasing more properties. Couples and partnerships may have relationship issues that cause the business to fall apart. And larger companies have a variety of reasons to enter or abandon a particular housing market.

We Pay Fast Has Been Buying Houses for Decades

I like the stability and consistent presence on social media that We Pay Fast demonstrates. They are a team of real estate investors who have been buying homes directly from homeowners for over thirty years. They have a good track record of stability, unlike many other companies.

Calling or emailing We Pay Fast is fast and easy, and that is how they schedule their closings, too. Get in touch with a We Pay Fast investor at 405-521-1807 or email If you leave a voice mail or send an email you will get a phone call in reply within 24 hours. They arrange to provide all the necessary paperwork and pay all the closing costs of the transaction as well.

Some house selling companies come and go, but We Pay Fast has been buying homes directly from sellers for many years, paying quick cash and closing fast.