Steps to Closing My Home Sale

My Home Sale

Steps to Closing My Home Sale

My mom worked for a real estate agent many years ago, so I know all the steps to closing my home sale. The basic steps are still the same, even though everything is digital and moves faster than it did in the past when she was using word processors and fax machines. I learned a lot watching my mom at work.

Mom is gone now, and I’m faced with selling her home. I don’t want to get involved with listing it at the present time, due to the stay-at-home orders to control the spread of the Coronavirus. That’s why I am determined to find a buyer on my own and reduce the many steps required to closing a home sale with traditional buyers.

Finding a buyer is the first task on the list of closing a home sale. No buyer means no closing. I intend to locate my own buyer, without listing the house and paying a real estate commission. Avoiding the commission is just one reason I’m making the choice to find my own buyer. The other reason is saving time, because the average time from signing a purchase agreement to closing the sale is about a month and a half.

Avoiding Problems That Delay Closings

In a traditional home sale, meaning the buyers must apply for a mortgage to pay for their new home, some of the typical problems that delay closings are: home inspections reveal issues needing repair or replacement, appraisals fail to support the sale price, crime occurs in the neighborhood, title flaws are discovered and, the top problem – buyers create financing problems.

My solution to finding a buyer and avoiding the problems that delay closings is to call We Pay Fast. They are a team of professional home buyers and legal experts who buy and sell homes regularly. I want to work with professionals, and the team members at We Pay Fast are professionals with many years of experience.

I’m calling We Pay Fast at 405-521-1807 or emailing to work with a cash buyer and reduce the steps to closing my home sale within a week to ten days after our agreement is signed.