Storing Contents to Sell A Building

Sell A Building

Storing Contents to Sell A Building

Storing contents to sell a building seems like a lot of extra work and expense. Commercial real estate brokers often suggest cleaning out the retail, office, or warehouse space in a building for sale. Even regular, intentional storage space in the building shows better if it has been emptied out.

Hiring help to move furniture, equipment, and inventory can be expensive. And that expense is in addition to the monthly fee for storage rental. It makes sense as far as preparing a building to look its best for showing to interested buyers, but it doesn’t make much sense financially. Especially for sellers who need to sell fast for cash, putting the building contents into storage is not practical.

One good alternative to putting the building contents into storage is selling the building as-is. That means without preparing it to look presentable for photos and for showing to prospective buyers. Selling any property as-is lifts the burden of spending extra time and more money off the shoulders of the seller. Selling as-is may be the best solution for commercial property owners who don’t have the time or the money to spend on improving their property before selling it.

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