Take a Class to Sell My House

Sell my House Fast for Cash

Take a Class to Sell My House

Some friends told me I should take a class at the local community college that’s offered for people who are curious about selling real estate. But I don’t want to take a class to sell my house because attending weekly classes involves a lot of time and energy. I can understand it if the goal is becoming a licensed agent, but it doesn’t make sense for someone who only wants to sell one house.

Maybe a one-session class would be interesting and useful. But a full semester of nightly classes is not going to work for me, even though the idea of learning how to sell my own house without an agent appeals to me. Saving thousands of dollars on a real estate commission is a motivating factor for me, but not for a class that goes on for weeks and months.

Asking an Expert How to Sell My House

When I think about it, other than a professor or teacher of real estate classes the only people I can identify as experts in selling real estate are professional licensed agents. I could call some agents and ask them questions about selling a house, but I doubt they would not appreciate it. They are in the business of selling homes, not educating sellers how to sell their own home.

People who have retired from the business of real estate, or investors who are still in the business of buying and selling houses might have advice for me. But I don’t know where to find them or how to approach them about selling my house myself. It’s an awkward situation, and I’m not finding much useful advice online either.

Asking an Expert to Buy My House

Since I only need one buyer, the simplest thing to do is to call a professional buyer. I can avoid classes, showings, open houses and legal forms. And I can also avoid commissions and fees traditionally charged to the seller at closing. All I need to do is call We Pay Fast to find out if they are interested in buying my house.

I call 405-521-1807 or email info@wepayfast.com to be connected to home buyers with the resources and connections to buy my house for their own purposes. They may keep it and rent it to tenants, or they may choose to re-sell it. That’s their business. My business is taking the cash I receive at closing and moving on with my life, without ever taking a class to sell my house.