Tear Down the Garage to Sell a House

Sell a House

Tear Down the Garage to Sell a House

It may become necessary to tear down the garage to sell a house in certain neighborhoods. In the past, some residential neighborhoods included alleys behind a row of homes, and small, one-car garages were often built facing the alley instead of a driveway. In the early to mid – 20th century, families owned only one car, so the spacious two and three-car garages common in suburbs today were unheard of.

Now, decades later, an old single-car garage facing an alley or facing the driveway may have become an eyesore that detracts from the value of a property. Tearing down the garage will improve the appearance and possibly the value of a home sale.

When homeowners have passed away and relatives inherit a home with an old garage on the property, the heirs may not have the skills or the motivation to take on a tear-down project. The heirs may not live anywhere near the property they have inherited or know contractors in the area to hire for the job.  So, they could decide to sell the property as-is rather than tearing down the garage to sell the house.

Sell Your House As-Is to We Pay Fast

Maybe you have an unsightly single-car garage that has seen better days and you are not planning to tear it down yourself, but you want to sell your property soon. Calling the investors at We Pay Fast is one way to get in touch with professional buyers who are well-equipped to purchase properties as-is. Sell a House

We Pay Fast pays cash and closes fast, working directly with homeowners who want to avoid any remodeling projects. They can often schedule a closing within a week to ten days and they pay all the closing and legal costs involved. If there are still household goods inside the home that a seller does not want to haul off, We Pay Fast can handle disposal as well.

Call We Pay Fast at 405-521-1807 or email info@wepayfast.com to avoid tearing down the garage to sell a house.