The Reality of Selling a House Fast

Selling a House Fast

The Reality of Selling a House Fast

The business of buying homes for cash has changed in the last few years. But the reality of selling a house fast remains relatively consistent. Homeowners who want to sell quickly must locate a willing cash buyer and agree on a selling price. That’s a traditional reality.

Cash buyers have a big advantage over traditional buyers applying for a mortgage loan for their new home. The application process and lengthy approval process can take a month or six weeks to complete, during which time the seller is waiting to know for sure if there will be a closing. If the buyer does not qualify for their mortgage loan, the seller is out of luck. There will be no home sale and no closing.

If a homeowner is fortunate enough to get a cash offer instead, then the time frame is shorter. It may still take two or three weeks, however, due to internal scheduling at a title company or an attorney’s office. It’s very unlikely that a cash buyer working through a real estate agent would be able to close in a week’s time.

Selling to a Professional Buyer

To close the sale of a home in a week to ten days a buyer must be prepared to pay cash. In addition, a cash buyer needs to have the ability to obtain mortgage loan, property insurance and legal document preparation on short notice. Some real estate investors have a team set up to handle everything for them, either as employees or as subcontractors. These people are truly professional buyers because they take care of everything needed for closing the sale.

Real estate investors buy and sell houses for a profit, which means they generally do not pay as much for a house as a traditional buyer might pay. Every transaction is different, but that is the bottom line. If you are selling to a professional buyer you may enjoy a speedy transaction, but you will not receive top dollar.

We Pay Fast Buyers Can Close Quickly

For home sellers who value a cash sale, with no real estate commission or legal fees deducted from their proceeds, We Pay Fast is ready to work for you. Call 405-521-1807 to speak to a professional buyer, or email The reality of selling a house fast is this – We Pay Fast makes it quick and easy for you!