To Age in Place or Sell My Home

Sell My Home

To Age in Place or Sell My Home

Millions of Baby Boomers in America know the phrase, “age in place,” which means staying in your home as long as possible into old age. In general, most aging adults want to live in their own home with their own belongings and with their personal freedom and dignity intact. The thought of living in an institution is frightening.

Our grandparents did not have the option of living in senior housing as we know of them today. In the 1960s the industry began to grow and now it has become enormous. Families expect to house their elderly parents and grandparents in nursing homes instead of arranging for care in the parent’s home or in their own homes.

Senior citizens may find themselves making solitary decisions about keeping their home and aging in place or selling it and moving into a senior housing complex. Senior housing includes independent living, assisted living, and nursing home facilities.

Selling to We Pay Fast or Aging in Place

I have been doing my online research and it looks like the professional investors at We Pay Fast are equipped to purchase homes directly from the sellers, with no real estate agents involved in the transaction. That means I would not have to list or show my home when the time comes to sell it.

Though not quite ready to sell, when I am ready I am planning to call 1-800-WePayFast (1-800-937-2932) to speak to an investor to sell my home. There is no reason my family needs to become involved in my home sale. It is my personal business and my decision. Speaking with the investor at no cost is a good way to consider one of my options for selling my home quickly and easily.

If my property works for them, the We Pay Fast investor may give me an offer on the phone, which I am free to accept or reject. And, if we move forward with a sale transaction it could be scheduled in less than two weeks from signing sale documents.

Calling 1-800-WePayFast (1-800-937-2932) is one of my options as I make choices about whether to age in place or sell my home.