Too Late To Sell My Retail Property?

Sell My Retail Property

Too Late To Sell My Retail Property?

Is it too late in the year to sell my retail property? I kept my shop open during the busy holiday season, and it will soon be New Year’s Day. I would love to get a purchase agreement signed immediately and close before the end of 2021, if possible.

I cannot list and sell through a commercial real estate broker of any kind because I’ve explored their services in the past and it takes ‘way too long to find a buyer, get financing approval, and close a transaction. The buyer I am looking for will have the ability to pay cash and close fast. How do I find the buyer I need now?

I just discovered the team of professional real estate investors at We Pay Fast. They are buying specialists, and they are looking for commercial properties like mine. If they are interested in my property and we come to an agreement over the phone, following up with documents by email, I could have my cash at closing in two weeks or less.

Sell Retail Property to We Pay Fast

The We Pay Fast investors might be interested in purchasing my business along with my building, although I don’t need that to happen because another beauty salon owner will buy my fixtures and pay for my list of clients. Selling my real estate to We Pay Fast and my clientele to another shop owner would be ideal for me, especially if it can all happen in the last few days of 2021.

We Pay Fast provides all the needed documents and pays all the closing costs. They could just be my dream buyers!

I’m getting on the phone today and calling 1-800-WePayFast (1-800-937-2932) because it is not too late to sell my retail property to We Pay Fast in 2021.