Trusting an Agent to Sell My House Fast

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Trusting an Agent to Sell My House Fast

I’m having a hard time trusting an agent to sell my house fast. Maybe I’ve heard too many stories from other sellers over the years, friends and family members complaining about their real estate agents. The main thing I remember hearing is, “agents don’t really do anything unless somebody calls them for a showing.”

This generalization isn’t fair because it doesn’t apply to every licensed real estate agent and broker. Even so, it has been a common theme as I’ve asked around to find a good agent lately. How can I be sure an agent will do what they promise to do? How can I hold them accountable to the marketing methods we discuss before I sign a listing agreement?

What Motivates Real Estate Agents

For another generalization, I’ve heard people say that most agents are only motivated to sell the homes they have listed because they make more commission on those sales. I can understand that motivation. But I have a hard time understanding why a listing agent doesn’t put more effort into advertising and promoting every listing to other agents who may have the perfect buyers for it.

Once I sign the listing agreement and give a real estate brokerage firm control of the sale of my house, I lose control of marketing it. I am legally entitled to continue my efforts to let buyers and other agents know about my home, but my agent will discourage me from doing so. Agents want to handle their own marketing.

I’m not comfortable losing my ability to reach out to possible buyers because I want to sell my house fast. Nobody is more motivated to sell than I am, not even my agent.

Reaching Out to Professional Home Buyers

The big advantage I have right now, before finding a real estate agent I trust, is the power to reach out and negotiate with a professional home buyer. Real estate investors buy houses regularly, and that means an investor might buy my house if I call and tell them it’s for sale.

The professional home buyers at We Pay Fast are available at 405-521-1807, and on the web at I’m having difficulty trusting an agent to sell my house fast, so making one call to We Pay Fast may be my best plan of action now.