Using an Agent to Sell a House Fast?

Sell House for Cash Fast

Using an Agent to Sell a House Fast?

If you’re using an agent to sell a house fast, I have some news for you. It’s not likely to sell as fast as properties were selling before the Covid19 virus affected the real estate business. Even though businesses are starting to open up all over the country now there are still many precautions in place for real estate agents showing homes for sale.

I need to sell a house fast and listing it with an agent is one of my options. But the more I look around and read online, the more I have started to think it will probabyour house ly take far too long for an interested, qualified buyer to make an offer and wait for financing approval. The traditional method of selling real estate is at a disadvantage in the current marketplace, especially in parts of the country where Covid19 cases are still occurring.

So, I am seriously considering alternatives to listing with a real estate agent. These unprecedented times call for unprecedented choices, at least in my own business life. The house I’m selling is a rental. It has been a good investment for me for many years, but the time has come to liquidate this investment because the last tenants moved out without giving notice and left a lot of damage that needs costly repairs.

Call We Pay Fast, Not An Agent

I’m going to call We Pay Fast at 405-521-1807 or maybe I’ll email them at to speak to a professional home buyer, not an agent. There’s a big difference between a home buyer and an agent who lists homes for others to buy. Professional home buyers purchase homes. They are buyers, they don’t represent buyers as agents do.

I want to speak directly to a buyer who may be interested in paying cash for my home and closing fast on the sale transaction. The home buyers at We Pay Fast will analyze my property and let me know quickly whether they are interested in it, and then they provide all the paperwork and pay for all the closing costs if I decide to sell to them. The closing can be scheduled within a week to ten days, if that works for me.

I’m not using an agent to sell a house fast, I’m calling We Pay Fast professional home buyers instead.