Using PayPal To Sell My House

Sell my House Fast for Cash

Using PayPal to Sell My House

I have been thinking about using PayPal to sell my house to buyers located outside the United States.  PayPal is an easy way to transfer money to sellers in the United States, preferred by residents of many other countries. But it looks like money transfers involving real property are not allowed on PayPal.

Not only are direct sales between buyers and sellers not allowed, but the PayPal ban covers other forms of real estate sales such as raffles, lotteries and auctions as well. Apparently, the legal documents and escrow process for selling real estate in various states cannot be handled through the PayPal system at all.

Some of my friends living in South America have visited my home and expressed their interest in buying it, so that’s why I thought it might be a simple matter of transferring money through PayPal. Now that I know that plan is not going to work out, I need to locate another cash buyer to sell my house.

We Pay Fast Professional Home Buyers

Waiting for a cash buyer to show up by listing with real estate agents is not what I have in mind. It may take too long. I need a quick cash sale now. Thinking I already had an interested, qualified buyer, I have no time left for listing, showing and selling through the local multiple listing service and professional agents.

Fortunately, I can get in touch with We Pay Fast professional home buyers by calling 405-521-1807 or emailing  If I need to leave a message I’ll get a call back within 24 hours to discuss my house for sale.

We Pay Fast investors are well-connected to legal professionals who draft all their sale and closing documents, and they do not charge the seller for any costs of closing the transaction. The amount of money they offer me is the amount of money I will receive at closing, so I won’t be using PayPal to sell my house.