Waiting Out the Pandemic to Sell My Home

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Waiting Out the Pandemic to Sell My Home

For months I was waiting out the pandemic to sell my home. But now it seems like I may have waited for nothing. With numbers of COVID19 cases rising again in many states, including Texas where I live, people are choosing to stay home and to avoid looking at homes for sale. There may never be a good time to put my home on the local multiple listing service.

I needed to get my house sold about the same time the global pandemic shut down businesses all over the world, which happened in the first half of March 2020.  Since then, I assumed the real estate market would eventually return to normal with a few weeks. But real estate sales have not returned to normal yet, and all signs point to the possibility that business will never return to the way it was before COVID19 changed the world.

Real Estate Sales During COVID19

Millions of people are working from home now, and families with children are babysitting and homeschooling children in the same spaces where parents are attempting to work. Parents report how difficult it is and how hard it is to manage the chaos.

In the midst of working from home and providing childcare and school classes online and in person at home, many people are choosing not to stage and show their homes at all. It is too much organizational pressure, besides the health and safety pressure of letting strangers into the house.

Maybe there would be less competition for selling my home if I listed it with an agent now. That is a possibility, but there’s no guarantee it will be faster and easier to sell during this second wave of Coronavirus cases. The only way I can get a fast and easy home sale is to locate a cash buyer on my own.

We Pay Fast is an experienced team of real estate investors who have survived and thrived through many ups and downs in the real estate market over the years. They buy homes from motivated sellers like me, paying cash and closing fast. We Pay Fast may be the perfect buyer for my home in Texas now.

I’m not waiting out the pandemic to sell my home, I’m calling We Pay Fast at 405-521-1807 or emailing info@wepayfast.com to speak to an investor today.