Waiting to Sell a Home to Your Kids?

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Waiting to Sell a Home to Your Kids?

If you’ve been hanging on to your home, even though you would like to move on with your life in a new home, you might want to rethink your reasons for keeping it. Are you waiting to sell a home to your kids? Are you thinking your kids might need to move back in with you temporarily?

The millennial generation has developed a reputation for moving back in and living with their parents for long periods of time. That trend is likely to continue as the price of housing climbs. But another trend is also developing among the “boomerang” kids who turn around and head for home with Mom and Dad.

What’s trending among millennials now, especially in metropolitan areas, is making a responsible choice to continue to rent rather than look for a home to buy.  Intelligent, practical young people are looking at their finances and having a hard time figuring out how to prepare to purchase, close a sale transaction and maintain a single-family home.

A Generation of First-Time Homebuyers is Shrinking

These young adults who are making a responsible decision to live within their means are, in increasing growing numbers, accidentally causing a problem for property owners who want and need to sell their homes. If you are one of those homeowners because you’re waiting to sell a home to your kids, it may be time to change plans.

It can be difficult for baby boomers to understand why young people would want to stay in rented apartments, condos and houses. Older people tend to think that paying rent is “throwing away your money every month,” because they grew up in homes owned by their parents and raised their children in homes they owned. The idea of choosing to live as a tenant doesn’t seem smart to many older homeowners.

Sell Your Home and Move On

You can have an easy home sale and move on with your plans faster than you think. If you decide to stop waiting for your kids or other young people to make an offer on your home, give We Pay Fast a call. We have professional home buyers waiting to take your call. Our number is  (405) 521-1807, or feel free to email  us at     [email protected]    to discuss a quick, easy sale transaction.