What Does it Cost to Sell My House?

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What Does It Cost to Sell My House?

What does it cost to sell my house right now? Nobody can tell me the answer to that question because apparently it varies, depending on the sale price and the services provided by real estate agents and title companies. Some costs of selling real estate have been affected by Covid19, too, which adds to the confusion.

I am forced to sell my home to get cash for our home equity. We do not want to sell it; we simply must sell it to reduce our monthly expenses and to put some cash in the bank and pay off some debts. The Coronavirus pandemic has devastated our family finances this year, as it has for many families.

Having to pay a significant real estate commission in addition to legal fees and other expenses will not help our situation, so that is why I am trying to calculate the cost to sell my house before deciding how to sell it.

We Pay Fast Pays All Sellers’ Closing Costs

One way we can avoid paying a real estate commission, legal fees, document preparation and title company charges is by calling We Pay Fast at 405-521-1807 or emailing them at info@wepayfast.com We Pay Fast professional homebuyers make offers that include all the closing costs typically paid by sellers.

They have been purchasing residential real estate for many years, so they have the expertise and the systems to pay cash and close fast. When We Pay Fast makes an offer on a house and the seller accepts their offer, the transaction will usually close in a week to ten days from signatures on the purchase agreement.

When I sell my house to We Pay Fast I know there are no additional costs to pay at closing, and that is exactly what I want. There are no closing costs to calculate because We Pay Fast picks up all the costs!