What is the Fastest Way to Sell a House?

best way to sell my house fast

What is the Fastest Way to Sell a House?

There are so many variables in the sale of homes. Those variables include individual agents, seasons of the year, local job markets and even the national economy, as a few examples. What is the fastest way to sell a house in any market, despite all the variables?

The simple answer is this – any house will sell for the right price, to the right buyer. Assuming that statement is true, how does a homeowner choose the right price and find the right buyer? The answer to this second question is – it depends. It sounds like an excuse, but it’s the whole truth.

Choosing the right price and finding the right buyer is the challenge faced by every home seller and their real estate agent. And “by owner” sellers who want to sell a home fast are even more motivated to meet the challenge quickly, on their own.

Fortunately, home sellers only need one buyer. They are not looking for a steady stream of buyers. They don’t need repeat customers. One buyer is all it takes to close a sale transaction and provide the seller with a paid-off mortgage and a check for their equity.

What is Fastest Way to Find a Buyer?

Real estate investors are professional buyers because they purchase homes to re-sell or lease to tenants. Sometimes they specialize in selling homes to other investors, too. Buying and selling their own properties is what sets investors apart from real estate agents working to sell other peoples’ property.

The fastest way to sell a house is to call a professional buyer for an offer. The advantage of calling an investor over listing your home and waiting for an agent to bring you a buyer is the speed and certainty of closing. With an agent you may wait four to six weeks to close a sale. With the buyers at WePayFast.com you will close on your own timetable, in as little as a week.

Call 405-521-1807 to reach the professional buyers at We Pay Fast. Or email info@wepayfast.com to get a call back. They are set up to analyze your home for sale and to help you navigate the fastest way to sell a house after making an agreement with them.  Sellers pay no closing costs, commissions or legal fees, and closing is often scheduled within a week from the initial agreement.