When to Sell My House? Yesterday!

sell my house for cash fast

When to Sell My House? Yesterday!

The Coronavirus pandemic has decimated the entire year of 2020, so when do I need to sell my house? Yesterday! That is how I feel about it right now. I waited for the economy to improve and for the good jobs to return, but I it turns out I waited in vain. Many good jobs may never return to this world full of remote workers.

I don’t want to sound negative, but I’m struggling to admit how badly I managed my finances this year. My goal was to keep my home, but now my goal is to stop spending more than I can afford to keep and maintain it. My goal has changed, so my mind has changed about selling my house.  

Finding another place to live became my top priority, and now that I have some offers for co-living arrangements, I am ready to find a buyer for my home. But I am not planning to list and sell through a real estate brokerage because the typical sale process takes too long. My circumstances are such that I need to find a buyer – yesterday!

Selling My House to We Pay Fast

I want to contact some real estate investors who buy homes directly from sellers at We Pay Fast. They are easy to reach by phone or web, and they are easy to talk to about a fast, cash home sale. When We Pay Fast investors make an offer directly to a seller and the seller accepts the offer, the next steps in the home sale process are quick and easy.

A quick and easy transaction that provides me with fast cash is my top priority right now. I am looking forward to paying some bills and paying off some debt immediately, as well as getting established in another place to live.

Call We Pay Fast at 405-821-1807 or email info@wepayfast.com and speak to one of their professional buyers or get a call back within 24 hours, for sure. If they are interested in buying my home, they follow up with all the necessary documents and arrange for the legal work, too, at no cost to the seller. I may not sell my house yesterday, but a week to ten days from now would be great!