Why Sell a Home for Cash?

Sell a Home

Why Sell A Home for Cash?

If you are having situations in your life that cash would fix, and you own the home where you live, there is a way to turn your home into cash within a week. Maybe you’ve wondered about the signs by the side of the road that say, “sell a home for cash.” And maybe you thought about it, but you really don’t want to deal with anybody who lives in your local area.

That’s a very common reaction to the small signs and even the billboards posted locally. Many people don’t want their personal, financial business spread around to strangers, friends, neighbors and family members in the area. They want privacy and confidentiality.

Professional homebuyers who work across the United States have a duty to keep your confidential information within the scope of the legal work and banking necessary to purchase your home for cash. You will not have local gossip to deal with when you call the buyers at WePayFast.com

Your House, Your Reasons to Sell

It’s your home and you have your own reasons to sell. Professional buyers do not need to know your reasons, they simply need to look at your home and decide to make you an offer. They will let you know right up front if your home will be of interest to them, and when they look at it they will tell you how much cash they’ll pay and what date your sale transaction is scheduled to close.

A confidential cash sale is not going to show up on the local multiple listing service used by real estate agents. It’s not going to be listed in the newspaper or online. No “for sale” sign or “sold” sign will show up in your yard. Someone will come to your home to look at it, but they will not be driving a vehicle with their name on it. Neighbors and people passing by will not know you have made a call to sell a home for cash.

What to Expect At Closing

When you and the buyer from WePayFast.com agree on a sale price, there will be some simple paperwork to sign, which will specify the purchase price and the date on which you will need to be moved out of your home. That is the date of closing, meaning the legal transaction that transfers ownership of the property to We Pay Fast and transfers the cash to you.

Usually this time period is a week, sometimes only three or four days, depending on the amount of legal work required to prepare closing documents such as the new deed you will sign to transfer ownership. And, to prepare the check for your full sale price. No real estate commission, legal fees or transfer taxes will be deducted from the amount you receive.

Just call 405-521-1807 or email [email protected] to get in touch with our professional buyers when you want to sell a home for cash.