Will a Yard Sign Sell My Home Fast?

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Will a Yard Sign Sell My Home Fast?

Will a yard sign sell my home fast, or am I better off to make phone calls directly to homebuyers? The Coronavirus pandemic has changed the way some people buy and sell real estate, even though mortgage rates are low and desirable homes often sell quickly. Many homeowners, however, have found it necessary to get creative to sell their homes fast.

Whether a For Sale sign belongs to a real estate broker or the homeowner, putting a sign in the yard can be a useful sales tool to attract homebuyers. Most people are shopping for homes online, but when they eventually drive by or tour houses in person, they expect to see a real estate sign in the yard of each house for sale.

I realize that yard signs are the #1 method for identifying any house for sale, but no yard sign can guarantee a fast sale. Putting up a sign is one way to let people know my house is for sale, but it will not necessarily attract the buyer I need immediately.

Avoiding a Yard Sign by Calling We Pay Fast

I am not relying on the use of a For Sale sign in my yard because a sign is not likely to bring me the buyer I need immediately. But calling or emailing the investors at We Pay Fast puts me in touch with professional homebuyers who pay cash for homes and who close their transactions fast, within a week to ten days after signing a purchase agreement.

We Pay Fast provides the sale documents and pays all the closing costs, so the sale price I am offered is the same amount I will receive at closing. I can call We Pay Fast at 405-521-1807 or email them at info@wepayfast.com to reach an investor and discuss the sale of my home, with no yard sign, no closing costs and no delays. If I leave a voice message or send an email, they will call me back within 24 hours. Contacting We Pay Fast is the way I’d like to sell my home fast.