Will You Inherit A House?

Sell Your House for Cash fast

Sell Your House for Cash fast

Some people are eagerly looking forward to moving into a paid-for, furnished house. They may be thinking about all the money they’ll be saving and all the memories they will be accumulating. Does that appeal to you?

Or does the thought of older relatives passing away and leaving you their house fill you with dread? You may be thinking of all the work involved in cleaning out their belongings, which is a time-consuming, emotional project. And it may even involve fighting with other family members in the process.

Are you dreading the thought cleaning up and cleaning out the stuff your relatives accumulated over many decades, and paying all the household bills as well? Are there disagreements brewing between you and other family members over property ownership or asset division?

What To Do When The Heirs Cannot Agree

If so, you are not alone. Family squabbles over how an estate should be divided are big business for estate lawyers now.

Capital One advises families to get help, “If you and your siblings can’t agree on who should own the home or how to divide it, you might seek the advice of an attorney. Sometimes, an unbiased professional can offer ideas you may not have considered.”

But, even getting excellent, timely legal advice may not be enough to solve family arguments. Battles may start over who should inherit the house and who should have permission to take the personal property inside and outside the house, including cars, trucks, boats and recreational vehicles.

People tend to come together in agreement on one thing, however. Except for sentimental items, most heirs are concerned about the monetary value of their inheritance. They will often agree to sell the house and all the personal property simply to avoid arguments, lawsuits and hard feelings between family members.

When Selling Everything Makes Sense

Selling a house and its contents is often the best way to avoid family disputes before they escalate. Holding an auction is one way to get everything sold on one day. But the results of real estate and household property auctions can be very disappointing.

Once you turn over the marketing and sale of a house and contents to an auctioneer you lose control of pricing. Items sell to the highest bidder and that’s final.

There’s an alternative to calling an auctioneer that gives you more control. Calling a real estate investor to discuss selling your house is easy. It can solve your inheritance issues quickly and provide cash to satisfy all the heirs.  Call  (405) 521-1807 or email info@wepayfast.com  to sell your inherited house with no real estate commission or fees on the sale.